Residential Rainwater Harvesting RFQ

These are the products recommended and stocked by Georgia Water Tanks, for most residential rainwater applications. Uses include irrigation, toilet flushing, and potable. Potable treatment equipment meets the specifications of ARCSA and City of Atlanta rainwater to potable for Single Family Homes plumbing code.

Generally size the tank for 1 gallon of storage for every 1 s.f. of collection surface. This should be adequate to water 1 s.f. of lawn or vegetable garden. What we call the 1:1:1 ratio. If your collection surface exceeds the size of your garden, round down. If the garden or lawn is larger than the rooftop area, or if you want more excess capacity during a dry spell, round up.

We currently stock galvanized steel tanks in 300 and 400 gallon sizes only.

We recommend submersible pumps for most residential applications. We have found that they require less service and operator interaction. The Grundfos SBA is a fine pump, but is limited in its pumping capacity. It also does not utilize the tank capacity as well as the UP. The UP in a horizontal configuration has the best performance curve, largest product range, and utilizes all but 3" of the tank capacity. It's only limitation is that it is not available in 120V.

Leafeaters are generally the best choice for collection surfaces under 1000 s.f. Leafeater Advanced performs just as well as the Ultra. The Ultra conceals the screen. For whole house applications, you'll need one 4" PR100 for approximately 1500 s.f. of rooftop. We do not recommend basket filters, as they require manual cleaning multiple times per year.

The final filters are generally not required, but provide an extra level of protection just in case any sediment passes through the prefilter.