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Maybe one day I’ll see a concrete cistern that it doesn’t crack. Mystery of why Roman buildings have survived so long has been unraveled, scientists say
This one was small enough that a day tank was unnecessary. What we call the "straight shot" design is appropriate up to 50 - 100 GPM. The limiting factor is how well the UV handles heat during periods of inactivity. As the UV manufacturers move to LED bulbs, we expect them to do a better […]
Rainwater unsafe to drink due to chemicals: study
Well lookie there, we supplied equipment on all the winning projects! Snuck in booster on TK Test Tower. 2022 Chrysalis Award recipients announced (USGBC Georgia) | U.S. Green Building Council
Georgia Water Tanks now stocks the Tigerflow Ocelot VFD pump system. We loved the Grundfos MQ pump, but it was discontinued some time ago, and reviews of its replacement have been poor. So we are glad to introduce the Ocelot!
Ken Riggins picked up a load of chambers today. Each of these is the equivalent of 4 of the little wells. Much faster to install.