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I’m just learning about the IAPMO Water Demand Calculator. Has anyone been using it?
Ken Riggins picked up a load of chambers today. Each of these is the equivalent of 4 of the little wells. Much faster to install.
Rainwater unsafe to drink due to chemicals: study
For years I’ve had to listen to my pump system manufacturer tell me that their systems work great without pressure tanks. All the while, having to supply pressure tanks on almost every system, in order to make the work correctly. Now I can finally tell you the truth: you need a pressure tank with a …

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This one was small enough that a day tank was unnecessary. What we call the “straight shot” design is appropriate up to 50 – 100 GPM. The limiting factor is how well the UV handles heat during periods of inactivity. As the UV manufacturers move to LED bulbs, we expect them to do a better …

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