Underground Plastic Cisterns



The strength and versatility of Infiltrator Tanks enable a wide range of installation possibilities, including shallow installations and multiple and serial tank configurations. Both the standard and potable IM Series offer the quickest installations in the rainwater industry. Georgia Water Tanks stocks both the potable and nonpotable versions of the 1500 gallon tank.

Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight construction allows for easy storage and delivery. It can be lowered into an excavation by hand, if necessary.
  • DOES NOT REQUIRE GRAVEL BACKFILL, if soil content is less than 80% clay.
  • Stable when the tank is dry. Most other cisterns most be at least 25% full at all times.
  • Approved for installation with 6 to 48 inches of soil cover
  • The potable tank is made with NSF-61 approved materials, approved for potable water storage.

Perfectly Matched with the Purain Prefilter

These tanks work especially well with the 4" Intewa Purain prefilters. The low invert of the Purain allows in-tank installation and maximum utilization. The Purain has a built-in skimming overflow, so a second outlet connection is not required. And the Purain screen will be below the water level when the tank is full, which provides additional cleaning. Finally, the 4" Purain is sized for a 1500 s.f. roof, which is a also a good size for the 1787 gallon tank, using the 1:1:1 ratio.

Perfectly Matched with the Pedrollo UP Cistern Pump

One of the few challenges of these tanks is that it is shallower than some other cisterns. Although that makes it easier to install, and doesn't require as large an excavator, it might mean lower tank utilization. You generally want a deep sump, to provide the 12 - 24" submergence that most pumps require.

When we found the Pedrollo UP pump, we knew we had a perfect match. The Pedrollo can be installed horizontally, not in some janky plastic sleeve that we concocted, but in a bracket made by the factory. With the bracket, we now need on 3" of submergence when pumping. Best in the industry!

Available Sizes​

The Infiltrator IM Series is available in 1787, 1280, and 550 gallon sizes. Georgia Water Tanks stocks the 1787 in both potable and nonpotable materials.

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Norwesco Snyder Cistern Tank
Norwesco Water Tanks Underground Cistern

This cistern is available for pickup at the Norwesco factory in Griffin, GA.

Norwesco 41328: 600 gallon one-piece below ground white cistern plastic water tank seamlessly made from FDA compliant resin, No assembly required.

Capacity: 600 Gal

Diameter: 51 in

Height: 47 in

Weight: 184 lb

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Color: White

Lid/Manway: 1-20in Manway

Specific Gravity: 1.0 (Water Only)

Other Applications:

• Add-on to existing septic system

Camp septic system

Underground storage of non-potable water or grey water