Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, Pumps, and Filters in Atlanta, Georgia

Residential Rainwater Harvesting

Georgia Water Tanks is a manufacturer's rep company, providing water tanks, pumps, and filters on commercial and residential projects.

We were founded January 2014 with the goal of making rainwater harvesting a part of every construction project where stormwater management is required. As we grow, we look for ways to leverage our manufacturers' capabilities in all markets we serve.

Our goal for every project is to "make it work the way everybody thinks it should." To that end, we provide design assistance, custom coordination drawings, and commissioning on all our rainwater packages. More than commissioning, we provide jobsite supervision, to help all trades learn this "new" concept.


NCR Headquarters

Utilizing rainwater and groundwater in a 20 story office building.

Georgia Tech Dalney Office Building

The current prototype for rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing in a commercial building.

North Avenue Presbyterian Church

Rainwater harvesting for cooling tower makeup. The least expensive stormwater management solution on this urban property.

282 Alaska Avenue

Rainwater Harvesting for irrigation on a city lot.

Kendeda Building, Georgia Tech

The first rainwater - to- potable in a commercial building in Georgia.

InterFace/FLOR Headquarters

WELL Building compliant drinking water. Rainwater Harvesting.

Gray Water Treatment
Pressure Tank
First Flush Diverters

Domestic Water Boosters

Fire Protection Water Tanks

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Residential Rainwater Harvesting

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Community Gardens

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Commercial Buildings

Domestic Water Boosters

Don't rely on sizing based on rooftop area. They are based on rainfall rates in Europe, and do not account for thunderstorms like we have in Georgia. Use our tools instead.


Codes and standards used in Georgia and throughout the USA.


Our Founder

Richard Hanson


A 1989 graduate of Georgia Tech, Richard has worked in the field of water pressure control his entire career, first as a regional salesperson for the Watts rep, providing design assistance, customer service, and occasional field support for backflow preventors, PRV's, relief valves, and the rest of the Watts line. Then at SyncroFlo, where duties included continued product development of the IronHeart line. It was at SyncroFlo that he discovered the concept of rainwater harvesting. . .

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Rainwater unsafe to drink due to chemicals: study
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We had such a great experience building tanks in the Columbia, SC, area, and Asheville, NC, area, that we want to do more! Georgia Water Tanks is now serving an expanded area, for some of our manufacturers. Please contact us if we can help design or bid on water tanks in central or western Carolinas, […]
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Georgia Water Tanks now stocks the Tigerflow Ocelot VFD pump system. We loved the Grundfos MQ pump, but it was discontinued some time ago, and reviews of its replacement have been poor. So we are glad to introduce the Ocelot! https://buff.ly/3UCRx6F
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This one was small enough that a day tank was unnecessary. What we call the "straight shot" design is appropriate up to 50 - 100 GPM. The limiting factor is how well the UV handles heat during periods of inactivity. As the UV manufacturers move to LED bulbs, we expect them to do a better […]
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For years I've had to listen to my pump system manufacturer tell me that their systems work great without pressure tanks. All the while, having to supply pressure tanks on almost every system, in order to make the work correctly. Now I can finally tell you the truth: you need a pressure tank with a […]
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